Just Sold Review: 6551 S Williams Circle, Centennial, 80121

Per my listing review of this property at the time it hit the market in mid-January, I predicted that this home would ‘close right around the list price’. I’m happy to report that I was spot on, being that it closed on 2/9/18 for $486,000 – just $1k over list price.

As I also alluded to in the listing review, the house was priced appropriately and marketed well – a perfect combo for a quick sale.

The final sale price of this home is right in line with recent sales in the neighborhood and is further evidenced by the speed with which is was under contract, and ultimately, sold.

Even in this market that heavily favors sellers in most areas, pricing is of utmost importance. There are two schools of thought when pricing a home: 1. List high and hope to get a bite or two, OR, 2. List at, or just below, Fair Market Value, and let the buyers flow in, often creating a bidding war. I could go into much deeper detail about all the statistical analysis that favors the latter of the two, but don’t want to get too far into the weeds. By all means reach out to me if you’d like more info on the subject!

This sale will keep values in the neighborhood on an upward trend albeit at a less rapid pace in 2018 than in prior years. (If you’d like more info as to my predictions for the market and our neighborhood, please let me know.)

With the sunroom addition and tasteful updates, I believe this is my favorite among similar 2-story models I’ve toured in past years in the Broadway Estates and Southglenn neighborhoods.

This property is Listed by LIV Sotheby’s International Realty

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