Listing Review: 5900 S Cherrywood Circle, Centennial, CO 80121

This property has been updated top to bottom and sits on a beautiful lot on highly coveted Cherrywood Circle in the Southwood neighborhood. This large ranch has wide open living areas and even a creek running along the north end of the property.

After seeing this property before it last sold for $422,500 in October of 2017, although it was in rough shape, I knew it had endless potential. On the whole, I think the main living areas, and reconfigured master bedroom are intriguing…the openness of the main entry area is beautiful.

However, after taking in the initial layout of the house, there are a few potential drawbacks – the most notable of which is some of the finish work and quality of materials was not what I would expect at the pricepoint of $789k (recently dropped to $775k).
There are also two separate basement areas accessed by two staircases, but not connected, which is slightly odd, but perhaps some buyers will like having various living spaces.
Another item worth noting is the proximity to Orchard Road. Although separated by the creek and large trees, road noise may be a factor to take into consideration from a buyer’s perspective. 

The price is not out of line when looking at a price per square foot basis with one of the most similar comps nearby (6072 S Cherrywood Circle), but that particular property had nicer finishes and was on an interior lot of Cherrywood Circle away from Orchard. And one other listing, even newer (6150 S Rosewood Drive), is also pushing the price envelope for the neighborhood, but I’ll explain further in a separate review.

In the end, this home is beautiful and has a lot to offer, but to me it falls short in a few areas that will require the price to come down a bit prior to closing. My expectation is somewhere in the $740k range.

This property is Listed by Coldwell Banker- LoveLand

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