Listing Review: 6491 S Marion Street

This is a unique home in the neighborhood in that there are very few of this floorplan and the home has more square footage than the average multi-level or similar tri-level nearby. It also sits on a corner lot with a large, flat backyard, which many buyers will find desirable.

A fair bit of remodeling has been done including the bathrooms and most of the kitchen (with the exception of cabinets), which included the removal of a wall between the kitchen and dining room, thus providing a more open layout that so many seek.
The multi-level floorplan provides for multiple living areas for those looking for separation for formal to less formal and the color palette is neutral – the gray and white tones will appeal to most buyers.

A potential hindrance is the pricepoint, where some buyers may expect the home to be updated throughout, but there are instances of a mix of updated and not (i.e. new countertops, but original cabinets that have been painted). The multi-level layout is also one that is generally not as favored as a more traditional ranch or 2-story…however, this particular floorplan is fairly open with the adjustment to the kithcen/dining area and the vaulted living area just inside the front door, so it may appeal well to the open concept so many buyers yearn for in today’s market.

Although the home is in line with comparable properties on a price per square foot basis, I believe that being near the $500k threshold, buyers are going to expect the entire home to be turnkey. As such, I would expect this home to sell for approximately $470k.

This property is Listed by TUCHSCHERER EWALD J BROKER

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