Listing Review: 6625 S Ogden Street

Aside from being in a wonderful neighborhood with great schools and surrounding amenities (i.e. Streets at Southglenn, Highline Canal, etc), one of the most notable features of this home is the addition out the back with a vaulted, tongue in groove wood ceiling. The home has also had extensive remodeling done including items such as all new windows, refinished hardwoods, and granite countertops.

While the updates are broad, the finish work is not top notch and a thorough cleaning of the home would help it to show better. It seems as though the work was finished on a short deadline in order to go live on the market.

Another potential negative in the eyes of a potential buyer is the yard – it has not been well maintained. The backyard is in rough shape and some leftover items are in need of being moved and/or thrown out. Some may perceive this as a blank slate with which to start fresh and design their own backyard oasis while others may view it as a large project for which they do not have the time to tackle.

At the pricepoint of $480k, I feel the home (and yard) should be sparkling, which is not the case. I think this property will close near $445k based on comparable, recent sales.

The home certainly has some nice updates and features, but not quite enough to justify the current sticker price.

This property is Listed by Future Realty

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