Recently Sold: 6440 S Clarkson Street, Southwood

This property sold for nearly $12k less than asking – the main reasons for this being that it was a cash transaction and the buyer agreed to purchase the home ‘as-is’ (no requests for any repairs prior to closing).

On a price per square foot basis, this home was lower than average in the neighborhood, in part due to the home needing quite a bit of updating as well as the location on a busier street.

This sale is in line with the neighborhood, so it will neither help to increase nor decrease nearby values. If it is renovated and resold in the near term, it could end up having an upward affect on prices, however.

This home appears to be a prime candidate for a potential flip, so we shall see in the coming months if any work commences.

This property is Listed by Signature Real Estate Corp.

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