Sold Review: 6171 South Marion Way

Although situated in the secluded, and highly desirable, cul-de-sac of South Marion Way, this home sold for quite a bit less than the original asking price. It was simply overpriced from the outset and in this type of market (one that is fast-moving), homes that are substantially overpriced tend to stagnate, which is exactly what occurred in this instance.

The home sits on a great lot backing to the private side of the Highline Canal (the Canal separates the home from the walking path). A possible deterrent to some buyers, especially the many buyers looking in this neighborhood with children, was the lack of usable space in the backyard. There is extensive landscaping and patio area, but lacking in terms of yard space in which to play. It has been well maintained, but felt dated upon entry. The original asking price may have been attainable had the entire home been updated. However, I generally suggest sellers leave the big ticket upgrade items to the next owner as finishes are a very personal choice.

The final sales price of $560k is on point with the rest of the neighborhood. At $160.41 per finished square foot, this home is a bit above the average in Broadway Estates, which is expected based on the lot location and size of the home.

This sale certainly won’t hinder home values in the neighborhood, but will most likely serve to continue their upward trend. Continued redevelopment in nearby areas, great schools, and fantastic amenities will keep this trend in a similar direction for the next while.

This property is Listed by Your Castle Real Estate Inc

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